Industry Live

Industry Live is a series of live learning sessions for secondary school students, based on their areas of interest in the workforce.

Industry Live brings volunteer panellists into schools via video conferencing – our volunteer panellists don’t even need to leave the workplace to get involved.

These 1- hour sessions let young people hear from industry representatives about their job and their pathway to it. We invite expert industry panellists to share their stories, top tips for success, and answer questions from school students across Australia in a discussion led by a facilitator. Industry Live is open to all students across Australia in Years 6-12.

Below are the ways your school and students can engage with our upcoming Industry Live events:

Log into the live Zoom webinar

  1. Teachers: If you are a teacher planning to log in alone, or you’ll have students with you in a school setting, you can log into our live webinar which has the benefit of allowing you and students to ask questions of our panellists and participate in interactive polls. You can also use this option if you are happy for students to log in from home. Zoom will ask students their name and email address when they log in at the time of the meeting and that is the only personal information collected. If this is the option you’d like, let us know at and we’ll send you registration details.

Watch the livestream

  1. Students, teachers and others: If you are a student or adult studying or working from home, check out the livestream on Beacon’s YouTube channel (please subscribe to our channel). There is a growing library of resources that your school is welcome to access on our channel, including our latest Be@Connected series with high profile speakers such as Australian Test Cricket Captain, Tim Paine.

Watch the recording

  1. Students, teachers and others: Following our livestream, and after every Beacon online event, please go to our YouTube channel to access the recorded version to watch for yourself or share with others. Recordings will stay on the YouTube channel until the end of Term 2 and will be loaded up within 24 hours of the livestream of each event.

Send us your questions in advance

  1. Teachers and students: If you are watching our livestream or recording and would still like to ask our panellists questions, please email them in advance to and we’ll do our best to have panellists answer them during the event.

Let us know if you watched

  1. Teachers and students: If you are from an Australian high school and you attended a webinar or watched a livestream or recording for any of our Industry Live events, please email your school name and the number of students who watched at your location (no student names please) to

Register for future events

  1. Teachers: If your school would like to register for future Industry Live events, please check out our Industry Live page and register for those events you’re interested in and we’ll send you all the necessary info well ahead of time, including secure log-in details. Go to: