Lani is a strong believer in the idea that, ‘though rarely clear at first, things always happen for a reason’. His professional life has taken him on a broad and varied journey – working as an actor on stage and screen, teaching English to refugees in the Middle East, guiding tours at the Sydney Opera House and more recently, providing residential care for foster children.

Although Lani is one of the newest members of Beacon’s Facilitation Team, his work with youth stretches back as far as he can remember. His expertise as a performer and educator has seen him hone his communication skills and use his humor, open presence and ability to hold things lightly as a way to create and maintain authentic, meaningful relationships. Additionally, Lani has learnt to focus on two key ingredients for success: communication and connection. Lani’s passion lies in helping young people understand how they can use these tools to empower themselves, to communicate clearly and simplify their thoughts, ideas and feelings to others and, more importantly, themselves.

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