Career Stories Are Invited From Everyone!

Career Stories are videos provided on eBeacon which focus on an individual’s career journey. eBeacon is Beacon Foundation’s members-only online platform which is being developed to be a centre of excellence of teaching resources, co-constructed with industry, to revolutionise education by making it more relevant to work and more accessible to those with the greatest need.

Career Stories are used in eBeacon affiliated classrooms across Australia to bring real world relevance to curriculum topics, and to inspire and motivate young people to set goals and raise aspirations. eBeacon aims to showcase a diverse range of jobs, industries, career pathways and skill sets.

Stories are welcome from individuals at all levels of business including new/experienced employees, tradespeople, workers in entry-level positions, supervisors/managers, owner-operators, executives etc. Contributors do not need to be an eBeacon member in order to provide a career story, however all contributors are encouraged to apply for membership.

The three key focus areas for video/audio content in Career Stories are an individual’s:

  1. Job (Typical tasks, work environment, personalities suited, benefits, etc)
  2. Pathway (Education or training, on-the-job experience, previous jobs, etc)
  3. Background (Favourite subjects at school, rural or metro upbringing, etc)

Beacon Foundation is seeking videos that are real, raw accounts that showcase an individual’s career journey, educational pathway, daily tasks, industry practices, challenges and rewards.

Career Story Styles

There are two styles of Career Story on eBeacon. Contributors may choose to provide either, or both styles.

Narrative style
Preferred maximum length – 3 minutes

A ‘Tale’ career story provides:

  • a detailed account of an individual’s education history and career journey
  • a snapshot of the typical tasks, challenges and rewards of this job or industry
  • content from the categories detailed in our ‘How To’ guide (which can be downloaded below).

‘Tale’ career stories may be submitted by one person or, alternatively, multiple individuals from the one business/industry sector might like to submit a group story showcasing the variety of jobs in their area/organisation.

Below are examples of ‘Tale’ career stories:

TALE: Regional General Manager-Pathway & Tasks | Mechanic | Komatsu | 3m:13s | Dean Gaedtke
Learning Areas:  Design & Technologies, Engineering
Industry Sectors:  Engineering, Trades, Mining Resources & Energy
Contributing Company:    Komatsu

While at school, Dean enjoyed hands-on subjects such as woodwork and technical drawing. After school he completed an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic. After a several years working as a mechanic, he went back to school and achieved his Associate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Dean really enjoys helping people, particularly assisting them to accomplish their targets and he finds this part of his job very rewarding.

TALE: Deckhand, Skipper & Tourism-Pathway & Typical Tasks | 1m:12s | Lachlan Young
Learning Areas:  Mathematics, Science, STEM, Hospitality and Tourism
Industry Sectors: Hospitality and Tourism

Lachlan works as a deckhand on Kanimbla, a 25 meter catamaran that takes seven day fishing charters out to the Swain Reefs on the Great Barrier Reef. He works for three weeks at sea (generally working from 5am – 8pm) and then has one week off.  Lachlan completed year 12 in 2013 and aspires to be a Ships Master.  Since working at Kanimbla he has completed the sea time and task requirements to go for his Master < 24 ticket where he will be qualified to skipper boats up to 24 meters.

Specific advice around ONE key topic
Preferred length – 1 to 3 minutes

An individual might like to submit one, or multiple, ‘Topic’ career story. Each ‘Topic’ video covers one of the following:

  • A short grab showcasing the utilisation of a Learning Area in their job – e.g. I work for [employer name] as a [position title] and use [Learning Area ie Maths etc] every day by doing [workplace example].
  • Bringing to life job opportunities in specific Industry sectors – e.g. I work as a [position title] in [industry sector ie accounting, mining]. A typical day for me is [daily tasks].
  • A snap shot of Work Readiness tips (Focus Areas: Attitude, Conflict Resolution, Interview Techniques, Marketing Yourself, What I wish I knew when I was in High School).

Below are examples of different types of ‘Topic’ career stories:

TOPIC: Diverse application of maths in the workplace | 1m:50s | Val Ridley
Learning Areas:  Mathematics
Industry Sectors:  Education, Hospitality & Tourism, Science & Technology
Contributing Company:  Beacon Foundation

TOPIC: Young people entering the workforce | 1m:9s | Ashley Turner
Learning Areas:  Work Studies
Industry Sectors:  Manufacturing

What To Say & How to Record

Download our How To guide which provides topics to inspire your Career Story and includes space for you to make notes to prompt you during recording.

Career Stories can be recorded on your phone, digital camera or webcam. We are striving for raw and authentic videos. More information is provided in the above guide.

Contributors will need to provide Beacon with a signed Consent Form for ALL people who appear in the video (as per the instructions below).

Submit your Career Story via these steps

  • 1. Name your video

    Please label your video with your name and the date ie “John Smith 12 Jan 2017”. If you are sending the video in parts please add “Part 1 of 3” etc.

  • 3. Upload Consent Form/s

    Download a Participant Material Consent Form. Complete the form and upload it to the Dropbox provided in Step 2 above.

    You must also provide a separate Consent Form for ALL people who appear in your video/s, otherwise we cannot use the video. If you are providing consent forms for other people who appear in your video, please name each form to identify the individual/s (ie “Consent form – John Smith – man at desk in Sarah White career story”)

    Please ensure all documents uploaded have your name in the title, so they can be matched to your video/s.

  • 4. Provide a summary

    Please complete this online form to provide Beacon with details that can be linked to your video on eBeacon.

  • Need assistance?

    If you have any questions about Career Stories, or need assistance with any of the above steps, please email